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Meet Our Team

Mental Health Provider in Annapolis, Maryland

Similade Adetunji

Dr. Similade Adetunji, DNP

Chief Executive Officer

Medical Director

Mental Health Consultant

Dr. Similade Adetunji is a Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice who is located in Annapolis, MD.She is the owner and CEO at Lily Health and Wellness Center. Similade works with individuals of all ages and also enjoys supporting families with their mental health. Many of her clients seek help with their PTSD symptoms, which could include panic attacks, excessive worry, or relationship conflicts. These symptoms might also include physical manifestations like disruptions in sleeping and eating partners. She also works with those who have difficulties with their body image and self-confidence, OCD, borderline personality disorder, postpartum depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, ADHD or other mental health conditions.

She strives to build strong, trusting therapeutic relationships with each one of her clients. She offers empathetic support through active listening and gentle prompting. She teaches clients skills from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which includes staying away from negative thought patterns that can lead to mental health symptoms. She also encourages clients to consider their motivation for change, which can be helpful to gain perspective when faced with life transition. When appropriate, she provides guidance on psychopharmacological intervention, prescribing and monitoring medication that can help individuals with their mental health challenges.

Similade earned a Master’s degree in Nursing Practice and a Doctorate in Nursing Practice. She is dual board-certified and has extensive experience helping clients to find effective ways of managing their mental health. She is particularly passionate about educating clients and their families about wellbeing and how to optimize their mental health. During her leisure time, she enjoys hanging out with families, and travelling.