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Psychometric QB

ADHD Testing in Annapolis, Maryland

A computer-based long-term performance test for core symptoms of ADHD

Here at Lily Health and Wellness Center, we provide ADHD testing and Neurological Services to children from 6 years old to adults. We employ an FDA-cleared medical device called QbCheck effective in generating objective data for diagnosing and treating ADHD. If you or a loved one manifests symptoms of the said condition, our specialists are ready to help.

A QbTest uses a combination of attention ability tests and movement analysis based on a measurement system that uses infrared. This approach is used to make an accurate diagnosis of ADHD by understanding the condition’s core symptoms which are as follows:

  • Inattention – a person finds it challenging to maintain their focus on their task, and stay organized
  • Hyperactivity – characterized by constant moving, excessive fidgeting, tapping or talking
  • Impulsivity – described as having difficulty with self-control and acting without considering the consequences

What to Expect

A QbTest is typically completed in 20 to 45 minutes. The client will be asked to do a computer-based task that will measure their ability to maintain their attention and impulse control. The person’s movements while completing the test will be tracked using a web camera that uses facial recognition technology. The result of the test will be compared to the result of another person of the same sex and age but without ADHD.

Our specialist will discuss to you your results with compassion to help you understand your situation. You will be sent a copy of your result via email as well.

Taking a QbTest would cost you around $250, and you will be provided with an option to file claims to receive reimbursement from your insurance. We provide receipts to make the claiming process smooth on your end.